Monday, January 09, 2006


Aliens and girls I should say. From the sketchbook. If you've ever seen my sketchbook it's all about visual regurgitation, and exploring and practicing. Being an artist I know that sometimes our ego gets in the way and keeps us from sharing our mistakes. I know alot of great artists who's sketchbooks are a bunch of beautiful finished drawings. I want to see the exploration and mistakes. Sometimes the journey is more exciting than the finish. I remember an illustrator in LA showed me his sketchbook, when I was a student, and it floored me. In it were a million ideas, all wonderful, he had an amazing mind as well as being an amazing artist! I also know a bunch of people who live in there sketches and are afraid to do finished pieces. All things are OK to do, as long as you are drawing. I want to walk the line between them and keep pushing ideas as well as finished pieces.

Monday, January 02, 2006


I figure I needed another image here. This was done as a concept for a crew gift. It wasn't chosen. I think we got a pair of shorts( since the project was a short). I like the monkey.