Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alex Toth, 1928-2006

So sad. Though we all aspire to his greatness we are less with his passing.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


My dear friend Derek Thompson and some of his new cronies over at Pixar are putting together the second AfterWorks volume (with Image this time). The first volume boasted some heavy talent from over there and Derek assures me the second will be even more amazing and in color to boot! Derek's contribution is a story called Eggsucker and it is cute and wonderful little piece. He got the likes of Scott Morse and Steve Purcell to do pin ups and I guess he felt like he needed some one to make those guys look even better then they are. So here's my humble little contribution. Look for AfterWorks Vol II at the San Diego Con this year!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

boards lots of boards

There are alot of different kinds of boards, and I've had the priveledge to do most of them. The only thing that makes a difference is the story. I was going through some archives and found some of these lying around, thought I would share. I have some examples of commercial boards,bid boards for F/X, overly rendered story boards,F/X boards,toned story boards, a glorious key frame (the grand poobah of storyboards!That one shot that captures the essence of a scene) and key frames for an animated fiasco(color direction by the fantastic Steve Purcell the rest by little ol me). Storyboards are a lot of hard work and alot of drawing alot, alot of drawing and in reality NOT always fun to do or easy. But can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the industry. Sadly I work with alot of people who feel like storyboards are a thing of the past and choose to do 3-D previs instead. I think the best work I've seen, use previs as layout(workbook) as well as storyboards. I even did storyboards for a movie who's producer proudly stated that no boards were used ( OUCH!!). Needless to say storyboards will always be here and some of the best directors( Hitchcock,Spielberg) and studios(PIXAR) use them proudly!

key frames

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Son of John

I love art, science, nature, fantasy and sci fi. All of it inspires me to get into my imagination. Sometimes work comes out of it some times play and sometimes it's just a big waste of time. Speaking of time, I got hooked on a internet personality who's name is John Titor. I spent probably a day and a half on him and what he made me think about. If your into time travel and have a few hours to "spend" look him up. This is his descendant Nicholas(Nick). This piece never went anywhere but I felt under pressure to post something new. Since this and a few other projects( not completed yet) have been keeping me busy I thought this should be good enough for now.