Friday, April 27, 2007

Todd is a Konig

I was dumbfounded when I saw this as a teen. I thought "Wow! Konig must be some sort of new curse word and man Todd really is a Konig." A few years later, questions always stay below the surface for me, I found out that I misread a very nihillistic german T-shirt. Tod ist Konig-Death is King. Uggh! The shirt also had a snappy graphic. Onto a personal Konig of mine Killian Plunket. It's his birthday this weekend sometime and I made this little card for him.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Been incredibly busy of late, so I'm cheating, a little. A coworker of mine had a great idea to pass a book around to all of her friends she worked with to have a little piece of history to look back upon, before she left the company we were working for. I was so touched that she wanted me in the book, so I did this little piece. She told me I could take however long I needed, just as long as she got it back. She had about 3 other beautiful pieces before I did my scribble. I returned the book to her 3 months before she moved on to another job. Cut to 1 year later when the office was doing some Spring cleaning. I noticed a familiar sketchbook lying in the rubbish bin. Well I've been poor in my life and scrounged for any kind of paper to draw on, so I have the habit of collecting paper just in case I ever run out. Yep you guessed it. The sketchbook now had 4 drawings and the start of a 5th (another office mates who was still at the company). I was a little shocked, yeah maybe more than a little. I showed it to the office mate who had started the piece that was unfinished. "Oh, Yeah,Hmmm. Heh". He didn't even want it back to finish the piece or give it back to the original owner. OUCH!