Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frank Frazetta

We lost a great artist this past week. I cannot tell you how much this loss affects me, what Frazetta's work means to me, how he inspires me every time I see his work, how I strive to excel to his level in every piece I do, how much I still learn from his work. Sadly I know those of you that feel a little like I do are probably categorized in the "old guy" column. With the internet and the rise of concept art this new amazing generation of artists have no context for him and without context he just becomes one of those guys. I already overheard some of the younger guys I work with refer to him as such. To me growing up he was a lighthouse and utterly unique and revolutionary. I learned early on that if you find someone that you think is amazing, find out who there teachers were, who inspired them, and maybe you could get closer to that source. Our legacy as artists will be by who we inspire not what show we were on or how much we got paid for something. I think we tend to forget that in our "jobs". Some amazing artists that he inspired

-Dave Stevens
-Mike Mignola
-William Stout
-Frank Cho
-Justin Sweet
-Mark Schultz
-Mike Kaluta
-Mitch Byrd
-James Watkiss
-Ashley Wood
-Wally Wood
-Al Williamson

-this list could probably go on a lot longer than I know or have room for. But if you like any of the guys above take a second or a lifetime and check out Frank Frazetta's work. While your at it, take a second to thank the artists that inspire you that are still here. I know for a fact it would mean alot to them. My heart is heavy and I felt the need to post something. Sadly I couldn't even "settle" on any of the hundreds of images he created to put up as a post.

Thank you Frank for everything!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Remember Banner

An incredible intellect living with regret and guilt of what his uncontrollable ID did. The Hulk was a a creature of pathos and rage. Then we had to put him in a bunch of super groups and play nice and still be the Hulk. Minor character flaw. Now they introduced us to RedHulk a creature of rage and, erm, evil.........who cares.
I worked on two versions for the SilverScreen ,one actually made it and was panned. Haven't thought of the grey/green guy since then until this guy started his March Madness run. Check it out if you have the time. Made me remember all the fun I had reading him as a kid.