Wednesday, April 05, 2006

God Kong

By this age I had seen King Kong ( the original) back to back with Mighty Joe Young ( the original) on TV, and had read about Koko in Natl. Geographic. I knew I loved gorillas. At this time the much hyped remake of King Kong had been out for about 2 years. I think this was my attempt to blow up the poster from one of the ads in back of comics. The original poster was done by the amazing John Berkey. I also fell in love with ball point pens at that time. This image was just an excuse to tell you guys that I have added to the inspiration section, a link to a Kirby monster blog( AWESOME) and to the site links I have added the illusive and awesomely hip and talented Ippei Gyoubu ( Monkey Business). Check them out as well as John Berkey if you haven't heard of him before ( he is better known for his spaceships I later found out, but that is another story).