Monday, January 14, 2013

Clone Wars-Comics


I was lucky enough to work with Henry Gilroy during the first couple of seasons on the Clone Wars. He went on to do some of the comics at Dark Horse as well. Even though our schedule is pretty aggressive I wanted to work with him on the series again and was fortunate to do (2) covers.
I thought I would also show you the thumbnails the editor got to choose from for both of these covers

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Jonathan Morris came up with an excellent idea,..redesign the Marvel Universe with the help of any ol Palooka that wants to throw down.
I'm in. I went for any Kirby character I could get my hands on and luckily I got this guy, Da Klaw!!( I would be lucky to work on any Kirby character, I love them all).
Go check out his site. Lots of fun interpretations and amazing work
I was going to do a straight up rendition of the original ( yes including the serrated purple underwear) but I couldn't make it work. Hopefully this won't offend anyone. I have a few more to do for OHATMU that I will post in the coming days/months