Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I apologize for not posting, I hope you haven't all given up. It's been really busy at the studio(more later) and it's also been really busy at home,,,,getting ready for San Diego ComiCon!! I am sharing a booth with some fellow Coworkers at Booth#1329.
I will be selling 2 prints and an anthology I did a couple years back called Babes in Space. These are some of my booth mates work

-you may not have heard of them but that shouldn't stop you from drinking it in! Do it!
Who is BattleMilk?? Who indeed....
Kilian Plunkett-lead designer on the television Clone Wars, Comic book artist extraordinaire and all around fun guy
Thang Le-fastest designer in the West, silent but deadly, so very deadly
Wayne Lo-Art Director for the video game Lair,man of mystery and brand new papa
Jackson Sze -bringing art and style to the devil box!

Who else??

The Fantastic Work of Kinman Chan

Bosco Ng

-watch out ladies, he has x-ray eyes!!!

-genuinely one of the most talented and nicest story artists around, until he starts cussing

Steward Le

-Pulse pounding action Sifu and fellow Episodic Director on the Clone Wars TV series
Our sister booth over here at Table H09 . Sports such mighty talents such as

Captain Russel Chong

-You can salute if you want

Kelsey Mann

-careful, he's watching you!

Jackie Huang
-builderbot, creator and all around tinkerer

Want more? Well your in luck! The Jew Bros. are creating a talent vortex in artist alley
Benton-table EE02
Anson-table EE01
One time team member but now affiliated with another justice orginization will be defending Booth #1534
-the original Monster!
along with
Ted Mathot

-Amazon worshiper and yarn spinner

Justin Ridge-tall in stature and talent, deal with it
Sho Murase-modern day Nancy Drew modern day cool

Not full yet? You dare!? Then fill your talent void with the following....
See and hear some of the above mega talents speak about the sacred texts in

PANEL #2 10:50-11:35am Using 3D Story in The Clone Wars Series
Room 7AB

stay for all the talks and you may be deemed worthy of a reward!!!

To Recap
booth #1329 - BattleMilk,Prints,Sketchbooks,Comics
table # H09- books,gifts,portfolios,prints
booth #1534 - monster sketches,Comics
Artist Alley
table#EE02 - Raw Talent
table#EE01- Unbrideled Talent

We would love to see you, so come on by, and remember to support the little guys!