Monday, January 09, 2006


Aliens and girls I should say. From the sketchbook. If you've ever seen my sketchbook it's all about visual regurgitation, and exploring and practicing. Being an artist I know that sometimes our ego gets in the way and keeps us from sharing our mistakes. I know alot of great artists who's sketchbooks are a bunch of beautiful finished drawings. I want to see the exploration and mistakes. Sometimes the journey is more exciting than the finish. I remember an illustrator in LA showed me his sketchbook, when I was a student, and it floored me. In it were a million ideas, all wonderful, he had an amazing mind as well as being an amazing artist! I also know a bunch of people who live in there sketches and are afraid to do finished pieces. All things are OK to do, as long as you are drawing. I want to walk the line between them and keep pushing ideas as well as finished pieces.


dyee said...

Man, those chicks are hot! Why can't I meet girls like that?

BKO said...

Step into my brain! These were for an idea I had for a piece that may or may not happen. I suggest everyone draw a creepy girl once at least. Love the character stuff on your blog.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Love these drawings! The one on the top is beautiful!

BKO said...

Thanks for the kind words Gabriele! If you guys haven't gone to his Blog, quit reading this and get over there!!

Minos said...


It's me Chris Minos!dude it took me forever to workout who the hell was BKO and then following your link to Chimera? What's goin on man great to finally know who the bloody hell is BKO!
Are you still at ILM? I'm still up here in Toronto working at a place called Crush a post production studio,
mainly TV stuff.I get to do a variety of stuff 3D,flash,designs.

I left the " The Wild" show before it finished! it was a mess I had to leave I was goin insane.

Family and I miss SF a lot, Toronto
is OK but it gets nasty cold for a long time.
Hope your doing well and best wishes to you and your wife for the new year.

cheers mate!


BKO said...


Yeah, I'm still at the joint. I hope Toronto isn't too bad for you all. Sorry to hear about The Wild. I didn't get a good feeling either, though I know we tried our best to help make it better. I hope to hear from you soon.

Bruce Glidewell said...


T.Cypress said...

Great stuff Brian!
You keep kickin' ass.