Friday, December 01, 2006

I Know what I'm Getting

...for the Holidays. Sorry folks it's been really busy lately. This is just a little do dad that was sitting around. Did I mention I like gorillas? Cause I really do! I like movies about them( even ones about them sniffing their own poo) I like pictures of them, I like dolls and documentaries, I like other people who like them. I like sculptors that sculpt them, I like just about everything about them. They are amazing!!If the spirit moves you check out the
  • Gorilla Foundation
  • They do good work and have great plans. And for you phantom viewers you daily surfers drop me a line. It's nice to know who's actually looking at all this crap.


    Colin Fix said...

    Let me see................ummm............let's see here.......uhhhhhh....................Yup. I love it!!!!!!!

    Brian McD said...

    Brian, this is really cool. I like the way you made sure to give the thing scale by using the birds. Very smart.

    mackenzie said...

    bconn i miss looking over your shoulder and see you make cool drawings. Your work kicks ass like always. Congratulations on the new job. I'm really excited for you. give my love to the family.


    chris chua said...

    I'm looking. And I love what I see. Great and moody piece. Definitely coming back for more.

    Alina Chau said...

    WoooooWWW!! AWESOME!

    Jamie Baker said...

    yay Brian! The blog lives.

    T.Preciado said...

    As odd as it sounds, and only because you asked for it, I say to thee: I often lurk your blog. Truth is, I always enjoy the opportunity to see your artwork Brian. Thanks for sharing.

    BKO said...

    Wow! I guess I'm not the only one who likes gorillas! Thanks everyone!
    Brian-In my experience you can't sell scale enough! No matter what you do all of it helps.
    Bob-Welcome! Everybody go to his Blog. Bob is great and is now on the East coast with those amazing artists at Blue Sky.
    Welcome Chris Chua and Alina Chau! I often visit your guys' site, so it's nice that you found my little blog!
    T. Preciouso-Amigo! Muchos Gracias! Tony is inddeed a secret lurker. I wish he had a blog so that everyone could check out his stuff! Thanks for dropping a line Tony it means alot to me!

    Doug Williams said...

    I like gorillas to. I do the Dianne Fossey organization. Great pic, all of them on here! I was a phantom veiwer, figured I'd say hello. I was inspired so much by your blog (and a couple others) that I started my own.

    Great stuff on here, hope to see more soon!