Thursday, December 08, 2005


The ancient battle between the Tiki Atlanteans and the subversive Lemurians, who used the beatnicks to break down and appropriate cultures, rages on.-OR- I did this piece for a friend of mine who left work to become succesful. I hate doing cards because it means that I'm saying goodbye to a friend, but on the other hand it is an opportunity to try something fun and/or new and push your skill set.


derek said... us more!

Gskillit said...
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Gskillit said...

And why do they battle? Hot babes!
Fight the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Duuuuude. Your stuff is AWEsome!

Bruce Glidewell said...

Yo B-Conn,
Great stuff, The guy in the foreground is awesome. If it's cool I'm gonna add you to my links list.