Friday, December 30, 2005

INTRO to those BLOGS

First off let me say, I wish I knew all the people I have links to, sadly I do not. But all of them have influenced me and we are all lucky that they have a web presence at all, many of my influences don't. I'll be adding to this list as well as doing an intro to the site links .

Brian McDonald-One of the few amazing story artists out there. If you tell stories in any medium, you should check out his blog, take his class or find a way to contact him. I've never met a someone so passionate about story! I was lucky enough to have met Brian many years ago and that meeting changed my art in such a positive way. I feel for anyone who chooses writing as an art. Unlike most art forms so much is up for interpretation. Where as drawing has more tangible rules( an arm needs to look like an arm etc,) and even music and photography, unless you get into abstract forms. Sadly writers of both good and bad calibers get lumped together because so much is up to the reader and what they bring to the work.

Denis Bodart-I am a recent convert to Denis' work, only because I was not aware of it for so long. My friend Jamie Baker made me aware of him and I haven't looked back since. Unfortunately his work is hard to get here in the "states", but if you can get your hands on any of his works do so! Classic comic storytelling at it's best. He has such a beautiful line quality that reminds me of Moebius at his best on "Blueberry". Truly a master at clarity and economy. Lucky for us all he has a blog with updates on his current piece "Indeh". I can't wait!!

Sparth-Such beautiful style! Once you look at is work you will be hooked! I would love to meet this guy!

Oscar Grillo-HA! Oscar came to work at ILM during "Men in Black" as an inspirational concept animator or some such thing. I believe he was sent here to drink our beer and make our most talented artists and animators feel inadequate. Many people still hang his doodles up in there cubes as if blessed by Bacchus himself. His artwork is effortless and a joy to look at.

James Jean-It is always humbling to be around someone so young and so talented. If he only rendered well or was able to put pretty colors together, we might pass him up, but James has a voice of a fine artist yet uses our common language of illustration so that we might all enjoy his conversation. Truly inspiring work.

Ashley Wood- What can I say, I'm addicted to his stuff. His strong sense of design grabs you, that and his particular subject matter, I just can't get enough of (Robots and Girls). Just when I think I've had enough he comes out with yet another book, or cover, or statue (man is this guy prolific! I feel lazy just looking at his work) and out comes the wallet.

Neil Campbell Ross-Another one of the guys I've never known and would like to meet. Apparently from animation, but his work is transcendent. His art looks flat but their is a depth and maturity to it that is amazing.

Gabriele Pennacchioli-Man oh man! Simplicity and energy! I always smile when looking at his work. His character sheets or so much fun!

Chris Minos-I was lucky enough to work with Chris a few times. He was always fun to work with and amazingly talented! I learned early on that not all computer animators are drawers so I was surprised one day when Chris showed me his stuff! Wow! Not only can he draw but he has a FERTILE imagination!!

Giant Monster-Ummmm, I have a friend who is a giant monster, this is his site.

Like I said earlier I will be adding to this list but wanted to let you all know about these strangers over in the right column. Please visit their sites!


Bruce Glidewell said...

Thanks for all of these great links. It might take me a while but I'm gonna try to look through all of these. Really cool and inspiring stuff. I dig your hypnotic monkey too.

BKO said...

I encourage everyone to put a monkey on there sight!! Thanks for the kind words Bruce! There are alot of great sights out there with some truly inspirational work. I honestly don't know why more people aren't surfing all the time.