Friday, February 16, 2007

For my 2 Friends

Some of us are lucky enough to have amazing and talented friends. I was lucky enough to be taught alot about what I do by my good friend Brian McDonald (see his Blog Invisible Ink on the side over there). He has a sketchbook that gets passed along and the theme of the book is " Your Favorite KIRBY Character". He was silly enough to ask me to do one, well that was a little problem. I don't have ONE favorite Kirby character. So I went a little crazy, cause Jack Kirby was one of my first friends, granted I never knew him, but his drawings made my life easier, and by my definition that makes a friend of a sort. So even though these are a little old (egads!! Is that really TEN years ago?!) I thought I would share. Brian's book also sports some amazing talent
William Stout-Devil Dinosaur
Rick Geary-Hulk
Bob Fingerman-Silver Surfer
John Romita-Thing
Beto Hernandez-Hulk
Xaime Hernandez-Super Skrull
Art Adams-IronMan
Scott Williams-Captain America
And many many more. It's an awesome collection and I am humbled to be part of it.


Grant Alexander said...

10 years ago!? Damn these still rock!

Really nice man. I grew up on comics myself, I remember when I thought Rob Liefeld was good, Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Thank god I found Toth!

Phattro said...

whoa! these are awesome. thanks for sharing.

Colin Fix said...

This is one tasty blast from the past!!! Tis always a treat to peep some good ol' B-Conn action!

dyee said...

These are great BConn! I don't care if theyr'e old or new or whatever. Just keep posting more and more and more!

Brian McD said...

Hey Brian,

Since you have my Kirby book I haven't been able to look through it lately, so I'm glad you posted those kick-ass drawings of yours on your blog so that I, and everyone else, can look at them. They really are great, man.

benton jew said...

These are great! The simplicity of KAMANDI is particularly powerful! Tells the story immediatly! Very dramatic!

bruce said...

Hey B-Conn,
These are amazing! I also liked that Robots Vs. Gigantic Squid piece you did on blog harvest.

Awesome Stuff!

Kincept said...

crazilly awesome...